Tribeca Palette

The Tribeca Palette brings a vibrant feel to Home2 Suites’ public areas. Multiple jewel tones are balanced by natural wood and neutral tones to create an inviting atmosphere for the lobby experience. Furnishings and fixtures take on a modern yet familiar profile to create an accessibly stylish feel.

A daring, yet pleasing take on the guest suite, the Tribeca Palette combines bold geometries with brightly balanced color to achieve a look that feels like a fashionable friend’s abode. A variety of materials and textures create a tactile experience, and strategically-placed pops of color create visual interest.

Chelsea Palette

The Chelsea Palette works in any property, bringing bright, clean, modern style to the lobby area. Our signature Green Apple hue takes on a fresh tone, enlivened by radiant shades of blue, gold accents, pops of color and natural wood. Furnishings and fixtures are aesthetically pleasing with organic shapes and clean lines.

Stylish, yet slightly subdued, the Chelsea Palette for the guest suite effortlessly combines the playful with the practical, creating a guest room experience that feels comfortable and creative. A collection of patterns and a complementary color palette invite guests to get comfortable and make the space their own.